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At the Boutique Consulting Club, we don't do any kind of work for any kind of client.

We specialize in working with founders and partners of consulting practices with 1-10 full-time employees and revenues between $150,000 to $750,000 per year. And to ensure that our content, programs, and resources are relevant to you, we have compiled a list of 20 problems we typically solve for our clients:

You may not perceive many of these issues as problems; instead, you might see them as opportunities for improvement. But they are typical obstacles micro consultancies are forced to overcome as they grow. Proactively assessing the importance and urgency of each challenge is the key to avoiding expensive mistakes and unlocking growth in your consulting practice.

If you're unsure about the relevance of any of these problems, we invite you to take a moment and ask yourself: "What's blocking growth in my consulting practice? What's keeping me from building the consulting business I truly want to create? What are the risk and costs of ignoring those issues for my consultancy?"

Don't underestimate this list of challenges - they require time and effort to be addressed. Wait too long and you might put yourself, your team, and your business in trouble. Adding these capabilities to your consultancy is what you need to generate and sustain growth.

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