Do you have a clear map to grow your consultancy?

We help founder-led consultancies doing under $1 mi/year to build a healthy pipeline, increase profitability, and professionalize their marketing and business development.

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What's stopping you from hitting your growth goals?

Chances are you are facing one or both of these challenges:

Running in circles or starving with unpredictable revenue.

Consultancy founders often find themselves on a rocky journey for two reasons. First, they lack a plan to reach their targets. Second, they fail to build a healthy pipeline to fuel that journey.

Going to market without a strategy is like trekking without a map or a compass. Founders may choose dead-ends or longer routes, making their journey to revenue inefficient and filled with danger.

But even the best map won’t be of use if you can’t maintain a steady pace. Inadequate processes and systems, or a weak marketing engine, mean that consultancy partners can't keep their pipeline filled. They may even find themselves slipping backwards, losing hard-won revenue.

Navigating the market without the right capabilities or a clear direction turns the pursuit of consistent revenue into an often exhausting expedition.

Dragging yourself under the heavy load of slim margins.

You, like many consultancy founders, might feel like you're on a never-ending uphill battle due to low profit margins. Despite putting in a lot of effort, you don't seem to make much progress. There’s little money and energy to invest in growth.

Maybe your positioning is generic. You might not want to admit it, but you’re on a path that's crowded with competitors. As you don't stand out, opportunities tend to pass them by.

Sometimes your service offerings could be improved. The problems you help clients solve are neither urgent nor important. Or it’s simply badly packaged and communicated, making it difficult for clients to hire them.

Finally, it might also be that you never really thought about your business model. How you create, deliver, and capture value. The way you want your consultancy to function is simply unfeasible - at least if you want to bring any profit home.

Together, these issues are like a weight that slows consultancy founders down. They're working hard and have the passion. But neglecting these strategic decisions make their journey toward higher revenue and profits tougher.

We're the world's only
Consultancy Revenue Cartographers

Unpredictable revenue and a low compensation means you often feel lost. Overwhelmed. Stuck.

At Boutique Consulting Club, we're in the business of helping consultancies doing under $1 mi/year getting unstuck, mapping a clear path to revenue and propelling them forward. We call this... Profit Pathfinding.

Profit Pathfinding is how consultancy partners clarify what kind of practice they really want to build, get a bespoke go-to-market plan, and hit their growth goals faster.

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Our Ideal Client

Founder-led, Micro Boutique Consultancies
No more than 10 FTEs (full-time employees), including solo advisory practices
Under $ 1 million/year in Revenue

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Get tools and structured assignments to take action. The series include workbooks, exercises, and templates that you can’t find anywhere on our website, and will boost the effectiveness of your business development initiatives.

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