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Specialized insights, programs, and resources for you to build a thriving founder-led consulting practice.

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Hello There!

Are you leading a consultancy and interested in growing the business and attracting better opportunities without overloading your already busy schedule?

Many solo and boutique consulting partners suffer with an unpredictable sales pipeline, low profit margins, and a constant state of overwhelm. If your consultancy is stuck in the low 6-figure/year, you're in the right place. Learn here what are the problems we may help you solve.

We're here to support sustainable growth, help you improve financial performance and security, and retake control of your time.

Who's Welcome?

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Founders and partners of consulting practices with 1 to 10 full-time employees and revenues under $1 mi/ year. Anyone can benefit from our specialized content and online resources. For those of you interested in working together, we kick off our collaboration with a growth audit tailored to your needs, followed by growth workshops or a bespoke advisory program. Say goodbye to erratic growth and hello to a thriving, self-sustaining consultancy.

What You Will Find?

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Micro consultancy founders need specialized, research-backed business development advice that actually helps you market and sell expertise. The Boutique Consulting Club is where you get it. Every content, program, or resource you find here was carefully designed to help you grow your practice - on your own terms. The best place to start is by subscribing to our "Rethinking Growth Advice" email series or "Adding Value" newsletter, but feel free to explore the website on your own pace.

What You Won't Find?

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We don't offer cookie-cutter online courses. Instead, we provide bespoke advice and actionable support. Our hands-on workshops are live and limited to small groups ensure you get real, effective guidance. Our assessments and advisory programs consist of 1:1 consultations with professionals who have walked the talk. If you're looking for a growth sparring partner, who challenges and holds you accountable every step of the way, you're in the right place.

Rethinking Growth Advice:
Why Generic Best Practices And False Assumptions Hold Back Your Consultancy

Recognize poor advice when you see it. This 7-email series will present you the unique challenges of marketing consulting services, and explain why following generic best practices can be not only ineffective but downright risky to your business.

Get tools and structured assignments to take action. The series include workbooks, exercises, and templates that you can’t find anywhere on our website, and will boost the effectiveness of your business development initiatives.

Win a surprise gift from our team. Followed the whole series? We would love to thank you for your time. Hundreds of micro consultancy founders and partners enjoyed this gift, we're sure you will too.

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