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Recommended reading list with summaries for consultancy founders and partners

In this page you'll find great books that will likely impact your consulting practice, based on many hours of pleasant research. They are not organized by category, so we've added a short description of the main ideas below each book that might act as a first file for you.

There is not a single one of those books we haven't personally read, so you can be sure there are no generic titles here. If there's a book that has heavily influenced your consulting practice and you believe it deserves a place in the list (and/or if you're the author of one), please drop us a line. We'll be happy to review it.

No items found.

Rethinking Growth Advice:
Why Generic Best Practices And False Assumptions Hold Back Your Consultancy

Recognize poor advice when you see it. This 7-email series will present you the unique challenges of marketing consulting services, and explain why following generic best practices can be not only ineffective but downright risky to your business.

Get tools and structured assignments to take action. The series include workbooks, exercises, and templates that you can’t find anywhere on our website, and will boost the effectiveness of your business development initiatives.

Win a surprise gift from our team. Followed the whole series? We would love to thank you for your time. Hundreds of micro consultancy founders and partners enjoyed this gift, we're sure you will too.

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