What If?

Powerful questions to transform your consulting business.

I'd like to invite you to play "What if?", and today the topic is your consulting business.

If you've never heard about it, this is a game children play in a group - one of the kids writes an unconventional question that begins with "What if...", and everyone must answer it starting with the word "Then...". Here's a silly example:

  • "What if you could walk on the ceiling?"
  • "Then real estate would become much cheaper for me - twice the square footage for the same price."

You can answer those using pen and paper, or simply forward to me your answers (if you're a subscriber). Bonus points if you provide multiple replies for each question.

  • What if you could only work with 10 consulting clients in your lifetime?
  • What if you had to work no more than 2 hours per day?
  • What if the only way you could get new clients was via unsolicited referrals?
  • What if your sales or client meetings had a maximum duration of 15 minutes?
  • What if you had to write and publish something every single day?
  • What if you couldn't charge less than $50,000 for any new engagement?
  • What if you had to stop consulting and became a university professor?
  • What if you had to start a podcast and pick guests to interview?
  • What if you had 4 weeks to remove yourself from your business?
  • What if someone steals all of your ideas, offerings, and IP?

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