Standing On The Front Line

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

One of my general operating principles, or personal core values, is to commit to helping my clients stay focused and optimistic.

People are being swallowed by a sea of negative, terrifying, and depressing information. Most of the news highlights an incoming economic depression. People feel scared. Overwhelmed. Uncertain of how to react.

You have a choice: Dig a hole for yourself, or stand on the front line for your clients. I picked the latter. And it all starts by looking for ways to be helpful.

It's simple - work with them, not against them. Your clients are looking for someone who will calm their fears and inspire confidence. Who helps them believe their worst thoughts and worries are unjustified.

You can be that voice of reason. What information, resource, or practical advice can you provide to create value? Help them mitigate risk? Make a long-needed change and take advantage of new opportunities?

In the next months, I'll be dedicating most of my focus to doing this. On top of those daily emails, I'll provide regular virtual workshops, office hours, and practical tools to help clients not only address the changing situation, but come out of this stronger and more profitable.

If you want to do the same, take 10 minutes to answer these questions:

  • What are your clients' biggest fears right now?
  • What are the top questions going on in their heads?
  • What information can you provide that clients and prospects could immediately put into practice? How can you help them create a quick win?

Now it's time for your to take initiative and be of service. That's how opportunities appear, and relationships get stronger during tough times.

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