Learning To Remove

Take the via negativa.

Peter Drucker has an excellent question I want you to ask yourself today: What should you stop doing?

We have a tendency to always add more. Put more tasks on our to-do list. Do more things, in a more frequent way, than before. What if there was a better way?

There is - taking the via negativa.

Thinking outcomes, not activities. Focus on identifying and implementing what really moves the needle. Working on the right things.

That's why regularly asking yourself the question “What should we stop doing?” is a great way to ensure your consultancy is on the right track.

Your resources are limited. You only have that much time, money, and energy to invest into the business. Growth requires focus and prioritization.

I'm sure you already know that. But what most consultants forget is that this is not an action, but a process. Some activities that were profitable or effective to grow your practice in the past no longer are. The market changes. As the saying goes, what got you here won't get you there.

Take 5 minutes to answer those:

  • What does the whole team agree we should stop doing?
  • What are the three least-valuable things I’m personally doing?
  • What outcome did I expect to achieve when I first added each one of my recurring tasks to my plate, and what are the actual results they generated?

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