Growth And Fear

Why so few consultants really pursue growth?

We avoid change. Our clients avoid change. Status quo bias is backed by science.

Clients tend to hire who they hired before, and the same offerings they hired in the past. They’re busy. Stuck putting out fires all day long, they don’t see a better future - at least in a way that includes you to the extent you’d like.

That’s why growth is great. You can only grow your consulting business (in a sustainable and ethical way) if you help your clients grow as well. And the best way to do that is to work on your business development skills.

Helping a client achieve their desired outcomes and goals. Improving lives and nurturing relationships. Streamlining processes so you can do that without sacrificing your lifestyle and personal time.

Saving money. Making money. Growth is great.

But if growth is great, why few truly pursue it? Why are rainmakers rare?

It can be because:

  • Some consultants might not see growth as a positive thing.
  • Some consultants don’t know they can learn business development skills. "You're either born with it or not", they say.
  • Some consultants don’t want to invest time and energy in it. "I've been using my approach and doing things my way for 15 years. Enough of learning for me."

What's the one thing in common here? Fear.

Fear of reaching out. Fear of what others will think of you. Fear of rejection.

There's no advice I can give you to get rid of your fear - you're the only one who can process and understand your own feelings. But science can help. A powerful tool you can use is reframing.

Stop associating growth with selling (especially the intrusive and outdated techniques we all hate). Instead, look at business development as proactively and strategically helping people. Detach from the outcome.

Helping is human. Being generous and helpful to others is a virtue. You can do that every day without the need for any external motivation, and turn it into a habit.

The score takes care of itself.

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