How Would You Advise Yourself?

A journaling prompt question to add to your list.

I'm a huge believer in the power of journaling. I've written about it here, as it is part of the weekly review process we teach to busy consulting partners who want to get more results while doing less. It must be quick and easy for you not to skip it - no more than 5 minutes a week - but also force you to reflect and document learnings.

This week a friend of mine shared a great journaling prompt question that you should add to your list:

"What advice would you give SOMEONE ELSE in your situation?"

This will get you thinking and writing for sure.

We consultants are used to giving out objective advice, helping clients and prospects. But most of us don't do a great job doing the same for our own business. If someone came to you and said:

  • "I'm not hitting my revenue numbers."
  • "I'm thinking about making changes to my main offering."
  • "I have a couple of clients who are taking 80% of my time and mental energy."

or whatever you and your firm might be going through.

What advice would you give them? What questions would you ask them?

If you've ever struggled with journaling (what to write, how to get started, how to make it actionable), start with the question above and see where it leads you.

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