You Get No Points For Trying

Finish what you start.

We've all been there. You finally managed to block some time to work on your business. You start working on a new initiative to grow, putting in the effort and energy, and you're 80% of the way there... until you hit a wall.

Maybe you run out of steam, or life gets in the way. Maybe you're not quite sure how to take that final step. So we don't. And the initiative sits there, incomplete.

Sure, it's not pleasant to admit, but it's the truth: if you don't finish what you start, you might as well not have started at all. Why? Because ideas without implementation won't grow your consulting business.

Delivering workshops to dream clients can create demand, preparing workshops can not. Signing a commercial partnership with complementary service providers can bring new business, analyzing potential partnerships can't.  

You can put in all the effort and energy you want, but if you're not finishing what you start, you're not going to get results.

Not only that. When you don't finish what you start, you miss the chance to build positive momentum. And your credibility - both with yourself and with others - takes a hit. People take you more seriously when they see that you're able to actually follow through on your commitments.

How can we make sure that we finish what we start? By continually asking ourselves:

  • Am I being strategic about my time?
  • Am I setting realistic goals?
  • Am I holding myself accountable?

You might need external support to get yourself unstuck or increase accountability. That's not a problem - the best-performing consulting partners do. And if you think about it, that might be part of the reason they finish what they start.

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