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Navigating Numbers: Performance Measurement for Micro Consultancies

How to identify, measure, and manage your key indicators to build a robust practice


October 4, 2023


9:00 - 12:00, 15:00 - 18:00 (CET)


Limited to


participants - Pre registrations Close in

September 20, 2023


$1,000 for non-members ($500 for BCC members). Includes two 60-min follow up calls for individual and bespoke advice.

Who Is It For?

  • Current micro consultancy partners, with less than 12 full-time employees, who want to grow both their revenue and profitability and struggle with putting plans into practice.


There are a handful of universal principles that govern our world, and that apply both to our physical realm and the business world. The law of cause and effect is one of those.

Every single action in the universe produces a reaction no matter what. If you made poor choices in the past, your consulting practice is probably facing a number of negative side-effects now (empty pipeline, bad clients, low cash balance). Similarly, if you want to reach your business goals certain actions will likely produce those desired outcomes.

This is painfully obvious. But why do we become so overwhelmed with our business then? Why do we multitask and jump from activity to activity? Why do we increase working hours, when it's clear that doing more of the wrong things won't help?

Based on my experience advising dozens of micro consultancies, this is due to a lack of clarity - when we're lost in our thoughts, it's impossible to see how our past actions created the situation we're in, and what we need to avoid doing now to reach our future goals. Hell, you can't even clearly define what those goals are. Or how bad or promising your current situation really is.

The fastest solution to this is simple. What's the one thing that is universally clear in this world? Numbers.

So here's my question for you: Do you know your numbers?

  • Do you know what are your monthly revenue and costs? How much of it is recurring or fixed? How much is one-off or variable?
  • Do you know your marketing and sales numbers? How many leads, appointments, presentations, and proposals have you had this year?
  • Do you know how many key relationships haven't heard from you in a while? How many of them you can really nurture every month?

Your goals should be quantified. Your KPIs should be quantified. You and everyone in your team should find a way to turn tasks (action) and desired outcomes (reaction) into numbers.

This might sound cold and robotic. But the effect is always the opposite. The more clarity you create around those things, the better you will perform.

You'll stop working on things that don't move the needle and do more of what matters. You'll measure and track success, spotting problems along the way. You'll make time to prioritize and strengthen your most important relationships.

Intuition has its place and time. But if you really want to reduce overwhelm and increase effectiveness, you need to study the numbers required to grow your business.

The workshop will help you identify what those key numbers are for you, and provide tools and resources for you to better track, manage, and improve them.


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Danilo Kreimer

  • Founder of Boutique Consulting Club
  • Advised +30 boutique consulting firms in Europe and the UK, Canada, and Brazil
  • Specialized in business development and growth strategy for micro consultancies

How Does It Work

This is a 6-hour actionable workshop, divided in two parts - 3 hours in the morning, 3 hours in the evening. Danilo will facilitate the learning, discussion and exercises

  • There will be videos and/or reading material distributed beforehand. Dedicating time to this preparation is optional, but recommended for participants to make the best of their time. Danilo will provide context to all participants before any activity.
  • A significant part of the workshop is dedicated to structured assignments. Those exercises can be done with a simple pen and paper or digitally. If you prefer the former, templates will be made available for you to download and print before the workshop. Otherwise, the link to access digital tools that will be shared during the event.
  • We respect your privacy and want you to feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and questions. Participants won't be able to see each other's names, and your questions will be shared anonymously unless you allow it). We take confidentiality seriously and are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all
  • The workshop includes two 60-min call every participant can schedule with Danilo for individual and bespoke advice. This follow-up call offer is valid for 30 days, counting from the workshop date. A dedicated scheduling link will be shared to participants at the end of the workshop.

What You Will Need

  • Equipment: A computer with internet connection and the ability to run Zoom.
  • Setup: To make the most of your workshop, we recommend joining via a laptop or desktop computer on a table with enough room for you to take notes if needed.
  • Healthy mindset: During this workshop you will be asked to step outside your comfort zone. The more you do so, the more insights you will find.

What You Will Get

  • Personalized feedback: You can ask questions and get personalized feedback from Danilo on these ideas apply to your specific consulting practice.
  • Actionable takeaways: All participants will leave the workshop with actionable takeaways that they can implement to their businesses immediately.
  • Case studies and examples: We will provide relevant case studies and examples to illustrate how other consultancies improve performance through measurement.
  • Follow-up support: The workshop includes two 60-min individual consultation with Danilo for bespoke advice.

To ensure a good experience for attendants, we limit the group size for this workshop. To get priority.

Members get preference over non-members. And among members, the criteria is first come first served.

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Register Your Interest In The Workshop

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