The Easiest Way To Waste Your Marketing Budget

Your biggest problem is not visibility.

If your pipeline is dry, it's natural to think that you need to be talking to more decision-makers. After all, more conversations mean more opportunities. And more opportunities mean more win businesses.

That's true, except there's no point getting in front of thousands of executives if your message can't capture their interest.

Tripling your outreach volume or investing heavily in paid advertising will increase your brand awareness and website impressions. But do they really care about your offerings? Are you sharing something relevant to their business?

What you really want from your marketing engine is engagement. You want people to discover you are a relevant source of value and look forward to consuming your insights. You want people to opt-in to hearing from you more often, or to book a 1:1 conversation to learn more about how you can help them.

There's a difference between interest and attention. If your audience does not see how you can help (and what's in it for them), your message becomes nothing more than a distraction. Waving your arms around will get their attention, only to lose it once they notice you have nothing interesting to say.

You need to become someone worthy of interest before you invest in increasing awareness. The biggest problem of most struggling consultants is not visibility. It is a weak positioning and/or poor communication of their expertise.

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