Understanding Business Models

The next topic for a series of posts.

“A big part of the firm’s success comes from a strong business model.”

It became a common place to listen to advisors, analysts, and strategists praising or criticizing the business model of any given organization. Unfortunately, the discussions are often filled with business jargon and subjectivity. And frameworks that are simply not suited for us in the consulting world.

That's why this week's posts will be all about consulting business models. The goal is to bring clarity and provide actionable insights for you, independent consultants.

This series will be relevant for:

  • Boutique consulting partners who are looking to prepare for the future, minimizing risks and capitalizing on future opportunities and new trends.
  • Solo consultants or advisors who are launching their own consulting practice or exploring different ways to sell their services, deliver engagements, and build a profitable business.

If that's you, feel free to send me any questions or topics you'd like to see discussed.

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