Building Trust Before Meeting

Most consultants would benefit from high-frequency visibility initiatives.

Content marketing initiatives are a powerful way for soloists and boutique consulting firms to grow their practices. You probably already know this. But many consultants never experienced the real magic that happens when you perform them at a high frequency.

Writing a blog or LinkedIn post every day. Publishing a newsletter or podcast every week.

These high-frequency initiatives create some sort of “asymmetric intimacy” with those who consume the content. You don’t know them at all but they feel like they know you.

I have personally experienced this as both the author and the reader. Regular exposure creates intimacy with your audience. And those people will not only hire you much faster and more often, but also mention your name and work among their peers.

Of course, there are pros and cons to committing to a high-frequency initiative. You will need to invest time and effort upfront. You will need to overcome perfectionism and impostor syndrome. You will need to learn new skills.

But for most of you, both the process and the results are extremely rewarding.

Ask yourself today:

  • If I had to invest 60 minutes every day in a marketing initiative for the rest of the year, what would I pick?
  • What would my typical day look like? Which tasks could I offload to someone else or stop doing altogether, starting tomorrow?
  • Imagine the worst-case scenario: If you could only keep up with this for 90 days, how could you use the content produced to sell more to or better serve your prospects and clients in the future?

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