The Power Of Storytelling

Every consultant can greatly benefit from using stories to market their services.

A couple of years ago, I completely dismissed storytelling in my marketing initiatives. It was not a conscious choice, but complete ignorance on my side. Not by coincidence, I struggled to connect with prospects and communicate my offerings.

Through continuous education - reading books on the topic and working with marketers who mastered the skill - I now understand how crucial it is. Especially for consultants.

We consultants sell intangible services, which means our clients can't see or touch what they're buying. We sell expert advice, which is often loaded with technical jargon, frameworks, and methodologies. But is this what our clients are after?

No. They buy results. They buy a desired outcome. They buy change.

The final goal of your marketing initiatives is to earn trust and visibility from your audience. But trust in what? Trust that they will benefit from a change, and that you are the best person to help them do that successfully.

That's why storytelling matters.

Stories are used all over the world to paint a picture with words and simplify complex messages. It's emotional and engaging. It's about your client, not you - the exact opposite of a self-oriented sales pitch.

Great marketing is all about telling a story people can believe in.

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