4 Ways To Develop Self-Discipline

Being a professional means doing the hard work now, so your life gets easier in the future.

4 Ways To Develop Self-Discipline

Some things we need to do forever, continually. Take care of our health, nurture our relationships, prospect.

Here are 4 ways to develop self-discipline that worked for me.

Write down your commitments.

List a max of 3 items. You won't execute more then that until they become a habit.

Include the positive outcomes you'll enjoy when you get those things done. But also add the negative things that will happen if you don't do them.

Do the worst things first.

Sounds simple. No one does it.

As the expression says, "eat the frog". If you do the most important thing first each day, you'll never have an unproductive day.

Make your commitments public.

Share your list with friends and colleagues. Make a bet you'll get them done, put some skin in the game. Social pressure is more effective then you think.

Get rid of distractions and stop multitasking.

Put your cellphone away. Close all of your open tabs. Make sure your environment is tidy and clean.

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