How Profit Pathfinder Works

The Most Comprehensive Growth Program For Micro Consultancies

Does This Sound Familiar?

Most consultancy leaders who reached out to us in the past, when asked about their intentions to grow their businesses, shared a very specific set of feelings. They felt overwhelmed. Poorly equipped. And/or stuck in their entrepreneurial journey.

Over time, we studied and identified exactly why this was a pattern.

Founders felt overwhelmed due to a lack of clarity. In our language: They don’t know what their transforming targets are, and what their personal path to profit looks like.

Many also feel poorly equipped, as they lack strategic guidance and industry expertise to succeed. It's like being on a journey without knowing what you need to reach your destination.

Feeling stuck is another common challenge. This often happens when you lack the capabilities or support to do the required work. You might know where you want to go and be well-prepared for the journey, but still struggle to follow the plan, put one foot after the other, and make progress.

Of course, all of these challenges lead to a number of practical challenges. We listed them below, so you can check whether our Profit Pathfinder program is relevant for you and your consultancy.

Who Is Profit Pathfinder For?

Profit Pathfinding is for you if you’re struggling with:

Yes, that’s a lot of challenges. This is why the program is divided into phases, which allows us to help you and your consultancy progressively tackle them.

Our Process

How Profit Pathfinder works

A map with a dotted path connecting an initial position and a final destination.

Phase #1: Discover

Clarifying Your Personal Path to Profit

If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there. In this discovery phase, we start by crafting a crystal-clear vision of the kind of consulting business you want to build. We audit and benchmark where you are now to identify strengths, risks, and opportunities. And we go through our proprietary process to review your business model and ensure the consultancy is well-structured to fund your preferred lifestyle.

A hiking bag, pair of boots, and traveling equipment.

Phase #2: Prepare

Designing Your Consultancy To Go To Market

Business success happens through good design - no amount of passion or commitment can overcome a poorly designed business. In this design phase, we work on the basics that can make or break your consultancy. First, narrowing your positioning and crafting strong value propositions, Then, reviewing and refining your service offerings. And finally, documenting your client purchase path and creating a lead generation strategy that fits your situation.

A person hiking.

Phase #3: Execute

Embarking On Your Revenue Growth Journey

Ideas and planning without implementation won't grow your consulting business. You can put in all the effort and energy you want, but if you're not finishing what you start, you're not going to get results. Together, we will create a strong brand messaging and get you started with content marketing. Set up a customized support systems (including CRM) to power your initiatives. And coach you to self-manage your time, tasks, and energy.

Our Unconditional Success Guarantee

At the Boutique Consulting Club, we walk the talk. This is why we offer an Unconditional Success Guarantee.

If you feel at any point that our program has not fulfilled its promises, we will continue to collaborate with you at no additional cost until we achieve these outcomes. Here’s the combined outline of expected outcomes and deliverables for each phase of our program:

Phase #1: Discover

Phase #2: Prepare

Phase #3: Execute

With Profit Pathfinder, you’re not just enrolling in a program; you're embarking on a partnership that’s fully invested in your success. We walk with you at every step, ensuring your consultancy not only grows but thrives.

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