How Will You Know?

Think outcomes, not activities.

Your business development work consists of a series of tasks and activities. Doing calls and meetings. Writing and/or speaking in public. Improving your digital presence through email marketing and social media.

We are quick to add them all to our to-do list, but what consultants often forget is to ask themselves what these things are for. We need this information to evaluate:

  • How to make perform those activities better.
  • Whether we need to perform them, and how to know when we're done.
  • How much time, energy, or money we should invest in them

The thing is: the world is complicated and most of our activities will actually serve multiple purposes. They can help us generate different outcomes. They generate value not only for us, but for other people.

So the most powerful question you should ask yourself is: “How will we know if it’s working?”

It will create clarity on which activities you should really be doing, and how to perform them.

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