On Goal-Setting

The entrepreneurial dilemma.

This post is part of a series on strategy and planning for growth.

Technology is shaking the consulting industry as we know it in every sense, and that is happening fast. Formal business plans and “long-term projections” have little to no value. No more than wishful thinking wrapped in assumptions that are unlikely to hold true.

We can find several verticals or niches that went through a complete transformation in less than 6 months. New offerings, propositions, and partnerships popping-up every week. This forces us to stick with planning timelines that are shorter and shorter.

At the same time, anything worthwhile takes time. Having access to people, resources, and information is rarely the core problem today. The real challenge is choosing where to better invest our time, money, and energy in.

As a consultancy founder or partner, it could all be translated into one question: How do you focus on a project long enough to make meaningful progress and still be flexible to change course?

Understanding you want to build a consulting business that both funds and supports your preferred lifestyle is a good start. But there's not a single way to get there. It's not a straight path.

You will find obstacles. You will need to change plans. You will need to adapt.

Since we're still on our "planning for growth" series, this week I'll share with you a helpful framework to deal with this dilemma: How do we balance focus, optionality, and self-awareness?

We'll start exploring this tomorrow. This is going to be highly practical. As always, feel free to email me questions and comments.

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