Reducing Decision Fatigue

Making choices drains your clients' energy.

Our research on innovative consulting business models is generating fascinating insights. Many of them are related to how boutique firms are strengthening their value proposition. How do you differentiate your firm?

A couple of weeks ago (here) I shared how many consultancies are doing it: by simplifying. Making it easier for their clients to work with them. And avoiding decision fatigue can play a big role in achieving this.

Making decisions drains our energy. That's the reason why Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and even Albert Einstein were seen with the same outfit almost all the time. They all knew they had a limited amount of mental capacity to make decisions every day. So, they eliminated some of the less important ones.

If we want to build momentum and make better decisions, we would all benefit from excluding the need of choosing trivial and/or reversible actions. And this is also true for our clients and prospects.

How can you reduce decision fatigue for them?

  • When proposing solutions, can you package services they usually hire together into one offering? Can you less but more relevant recommendations?
  • When sharing insights, can you curate your content to ensure it's timely and relevant for them?
  • When reviewing progress, can you share the 2 or 3 KPIs that matter the most instead of showing them a 50-slide presentation of what's being done?

There are thousands of possibilities to reduce friction and improve your client's experience. Remember that, just like you, your clients are busy and indecisive. Simplify to win.

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