Be A Router

Beware the enemy within.

When I get stressed at work, it's because I’ve failed to build a system and have tasks I can’t route to someone else.

Your goal as a founder or consulting partner is to hire yourself out of every job, and go after opportunities.

Ask yourself:

  • Which activities am I doing, that someone in my team can take care of?
  • Which activities am I doing, that someone else can perform better and for less than my (aspirational) hourly rate?
  • Which activities am I doing, that are recurring and can easily be automated?

Chances are, your ego is holding you back.

The value you create (and capture) is not correlated with your working hours, but with the outcomes you deliver to clients. What you want is more leverage and better judgment, not adding more ticks to your to-do list.

Build a business, don't be a business.

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