What Is Boutique Consulting Club?

It's a one-stop platform for insights, research, and resources to help boutique consulting partners grow their business on their own terms.

It all started with a personal daily blog, Pragmatic Consulting, recently renamed Adding Value. The goal was to share insights on building a consulting practice, acquiring new business, and delivering projects. Over time, the project grew.

Now our latest initiative consists of developing original and exclusive research. You can take part of our surveys and get insights on what other partners are doing, industry benchmarks and trends, and useful frameworks to apply in your consulting firm.

Adding Value (Daily Blog)

Many professionals start consulting with a vision of work that is more fulfilling. You want to choose which projects to work on, deliver exceptional results doing the work you enjoy the most, and get paid accordingly.

But you can't make this vision happen alone. You need to connect with people who have done it before, and translate their insights and ideas into practical advice. Adding Value is my attempt to communicate such ideas.

My role is to provide, every day, seeds of insight that can spark interesting discussions for you and your team. They will help you identify new sources of growth for your consultancy.

You can read Adding Value's daily posts (or subscribe to receive them via email) for free. They will never include any guest post, sponsored links, advertisements or direct requests.

We have big plans to expand paid membership for the BCC.

In the upcoming months, this should include access to guides and exclusive research, tailored introductions to other members and key organizations, and even the possibility of participating in a consulting-focused book club.

If you find the free content valuable, you will probably enjoy these even more.

Your subscription allows us to invest significant resources into producing what I believe is the most practical boutique consulting content on the web. I know the time you can invest in improving your consulting firm is limited, so our goal is to help dramatically increase the signal-to-noise ratio of the information you consume.

What would it be worth to have a significant breakthrough in how you execute your work and lead your consulting practice every day? What would it be worth to achieve your goals years earlier while enjoying the process?

Become a member and find out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a boutique consulting firm?

There is no established definition of a boutique consulting firm. Typically, a boutique firm is smaller and more specialized when compared to larger firms:

  • Narrow positioning and specialized offerings: The word "boutique" typically refers to a small shop but in relation to consulting firms, it has more to do with its focus rather than its actual size. Boutique firms often specialize in a service ("customer experience", "change management", "leadership coaching"), vertical or industry ("healthcare", "banking", "FT 500 companies"), or both. Boutique firms rarely offer general consulting services.
  • Size: A narrower focus means the average boutique firm is smaller in size, but this number can also vary - we've seen boutique firms with only one employee (solo advisor) and firms with 200 employees. 95% of our subscribers lead firms with less than 30 people (total staff).

If you're curious, you can find my personal definition here.

I'm a soloist. Can I join BCC as well?

Absolutely, we have many soloists as members. You are welcome if you're self-employed or run your own business selling and/or implementing expert advice. This means working and getting paid directly from clients, not indirectly as an employee.

We have 3 main groups of solo members:

  1. Solo Consultants & Advisors: You have no fixed employees, and projects usually consist of 1:1 engagements. You either deliver the work yourself, partner up with other independent consultants and agencies, or subcontract freelancers by project.
  2. Consulting Firms' Founders & Partners: You manage the company, and have a team of consultants who implement the projects for your clients. Your main role is to generate more opportunities and business, and hire and manage a talented team.
  3. Digital Consultants & Agency Founders: You monetize your expertise with productized services - “done for you” solutions packaged at a set price and scope - or products such as books, digital info-products, and paid communities.

Of course, your consulting work can be a mixture of all three. While we believe you can always learn from other peers that work in a different way, one of our objectives is to produce and offer content that benefits each one of these groups.

How can I contribute to BCC, and why would I do it?

There are several ways to contribute:

  • You can contribute to our upcoming research by completing a confidential 5-minute survey. Those who participate get a free copy of the entire report when it is published.
  • If you're the founder of a profitable consulting business that has been in the market for at least 2 years, we'd be happy to interview you and share the story in our future directory.
  • Are you running an event that other independent consultants would benefit from? Drop us a line to collaborate!

All of these initiatives are a win-win, and can help you earn trust and visibility for your consulting business. As for the daily blog and newsletter, we don't include guest posts, sponsored links, advertisements or direct requests.

Where can I leave comments?

This blog doesn’t have a public comments section to avoid spam. Subscribers receive daily posts via email and can reply directly to me for quick comments or questions.

Can I get an invoice?

If you join as a paid member, an automatically generated invoice will be sent to you via email. If you need an invoice with particular information included, please contact us.

Can I contribute a guest post or paid promotion?

No, and please don’t ask.

What's the best way to contact you?

If you're looking for help, feedback, or guidance with something personal, I encourage you to join one of our meetups before contacting me. You're likely to get some great replies from peers and experienced consultants.

For anything else, feel free to contact me here or connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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